Gaming Mouse Keyboard Reviews 2019

These also Give You The Peak Game play Performance All the Time

A console comes with the perfect controller to play games. But you may not be so lucky when you buy a gaming PC. All computer mouse serve the purpose and allow you to move the cursor, click and scroll. But you will agree with that:

A cheap office mouse can’t give you peak gameplay performance.

For those who are the professional gamer or those who are a little familiar with the computer games understand the significance of having control on the gaming environment. All the in-game activities require precision and speed. In simple words, the accuracy of a headshot depends on the speed your keyboard offers and the precision your mouse can afford. A right mouse plays a significant role in your victory. This is the reason the serious gamer insist on having a mouse with the features the ordinary mouse do not have. The professional gamer serious about their peripherals look for:

  • Top-notch performance
  • Features optimizing their gaming experience
  • Comfortable ergonomics

The good gaming mouse is well worthy of the investment for the PC gamers. To reach a decision of picking a mouse you need to first think about your gaming preferences. Also, it is imperative to consider the budget and what you want in terms of extra features.

But before whipping off your wallet to deal with the issue by investing a lot of money blindly, you must be sure about what makes a mouse greater than the other. A mouse makes a significant contribution to overall accuracy and control. So, you must be known to the fact that what the gaming mouse you will use for. Being a gamer, you rely on twitch reflexes and quick decision making. In fact, sometimes, a millisecond difference decides whether you will be on the top of the other guy will win. When you are wading into a virtual arena, you must bear in mind that the keyboard and mouse are two important weapons besides your PC.

Every PC gamer wants to own the best gaming mouse or the best ambidextrous mouse for their favorite FPS games. The best mouse is not one that fits into your hands comfortably. The best mouse is one that:

  • Has Lower latency
  • Has Better drive software
  • Supports high DPI settings
  • Supports high CPI settings
  • Remains extremely accurate

Remember that the mouse is not one size fits all. For example, if you are a Multiplayer online battle arena player and need more buttons right next to your thumbs or you are a left-handed person, then you may need a different mouse.

Types Of Gaming Mouse : 

There are mainly two types of the mouse:

  • Wired mouse
  • Wireless mouse

The wired mouse is generally fixed through the cables while as wireless mouse use Bluetooth or infrared interface using a USB adapter. No doubt the wireless mouse is more convenient for especially those who travel most. But the disadvantage of this mouse is that you need to recharge the batteries or buy a new one after a fair use of them. The cable hitch on the desk while using the wired mouse is a bit annoying. However, the wired mouse are inexpensive and require no batteries at all.

To make things simple for you here we are shedding some light on different types of the mouse:

FPS Mouse: What will be your pick when you will be playing a game like the counter strike in which you will be facing the enemy right in front of you? Well, people play such games with the all-purpose or an ordinary mouse. But the mouse that is optimized for FPS play has a sniper button under the thumb. It slows down DPI and helps to line up difficult shots.

MMO Mouse:  The MMO gaming mouse has undergone rapid development over the last couple of years. The main difference between a standard gaming mouse and an MMO gaming mouse is the sheer number of buttons. The bulky MMO mouse has buttons upon buttons. These buttons make the MMO ( Massively multiplayer online ) mouse perfect for firing off complex skill rotation. Many of the MMO mice let you assign alternate button maps. You can access these maps with a flick of a finger. In short, MMO mouse is perfect for the fans of final fantasy XIV, the world of Warcraft and star wars.

Customizable Mouse:  These are highly customizable, flashy, finely tuned, and expensive device. Though the customizable mouse is expensive, they are considered the Ferraris of the gaming peripheral world.

RTS Mouse: There are a plethora of gaming mouse options out there. Every type of mouse has its own positive and negative points. Well, we have never espied a mouse that is optimized for real-time strategy games.

All-Purpose Mouse: The most common type of mouse available in the market is the all-purpose mouse. There is no unifying design theory behind these all-purpose mice. These mice come in all shapes and sizes. If you play a wide variety of games and need a versatile mouse to handle them all, then the all-purpose mouse is a great pick for you. It is equally good at controlling everything.

Things To Be Considered While Choosing A Gaming Mouse:

Here are a few things or factors you are supposed to consider while picking a mouse:

Sensitivity: It means how fast the mouse moves on the screen. The sensitivity of the mouse is measured in the dot per inches (DPI). This feature is very important in the gaming mouse as the quick response and action are needed while playing games. The higher DPI is the quicker mouse moves.

Ergonomics: The way people hold a mouse is another important factor to be considered while buying a gaming mouse. A less comfortable mouse may result in unexpected strain or injuries.

  • Extra buttons:
  • To improve consumer experience some mouse has extra programmable buttons. These extra buttons include:
  • Back and forward thumb clicks
  • Scroll buttons for zoom in and out
  • Promptly sensitivity adjust buttons

You can pick and mouse with extra buttons according to your requirements.

Size: The height and width of a mouse play a significant role in making you feel comfortable while playing games. If you have big hands, then a full-sized mouse will be an excellent choice. For the people who have small hands a travel sized mouse will be perfect.

Well, you don’t need a gaming mouse; you actually want it as you are a game aficionado.

Top 7 Gaming Mouse of All Time

S/no Product Name Rating Price
1 Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Buy Now
2 Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5) Buy Now
3 BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Gaming Mouse  4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5) Buy Now
4 Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5) Buy Now
5 Corsair M95 Palm Gaming Mouse  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Buy Now
6 Logitech G903 Gaming Mouse  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) Buy Now
7 CM Best Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse  3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) Buy Now

1) Corsair M65 A Remarkable Gaming Mouse:

Corsair is famous for having expensive product lines consisting of PC cases, cooling products, and headsets, etc. The mouse arsenal is a bit small as compared to the others. Here we will be seeing a few products from Corsair to provide you with the Best Corsair M65 Reviews:

  • Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming Mouse

It is a mouse carefully tailored for the first-hand shooters as playing FPS at a competitive level involve a responsive mouse along with the ability to think on one’s feet. It is a supremely comfortable mouse with robust first-person shooter optimizations. It is an affordable gaming mouse and allows users to customize almost everything about the mouse. Generally, FPS players require few buttons to move, shoot, crouch, and jump, this Corsair gaming mouse offers eight buttons. Well, the conservative number of buttons gives vengeance M65 a lot of breathing space. Each button on the mouse is big and well placed. Also, it has a large and comfortable palm and claws grip.

The Corsair software allows users to customize everything about the mouse, but in exchange it requires patience.


It is the time to take a brief look at this amazing mouse:

  • Intelligent FPS functionality
  • Comfortable
  • Enough buttons
  • Discrete X and Y axis DPI

These lineaments make it a perfect option for the gaming freaks.

  • Corsair M65 Laser Gaming Mouse:

Corsair has a quite clear strategy with its latest crop of gaming products. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It is a comfortable, lag free and responsive mouse. With the excellent construction, rock solid performance and various customizable features make it a great pick for the game lovers.


This amazing mouse has the following features:

  • Solid aluminum unibody design
  • Excellent button layout
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Dedicated sniper button
  • Customizable lighting

It offers a killer design and lethal accuracy.

  • Corsair Vengeance M65 FPS Laser Gaming Mouse

A gunmetal programmable mouse designed for high performance is corsair vengeance laser gaming mouse. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and has a high-mass scroll wheel. Also, it has 8200 DPI laser sensor that provides accurate and precise tracking of your hand movement.


It is offering the following features for better user experience:

  • Onboard profile storage
  • Laser sensor
  • Aluminum unibody design
  • Selectable response time

We do hope that our Corsair M65 Reviews might be helpful for you in finding the best gaming mouse for better performance.

Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Reviews 2018

2) Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips

It is one of the best gaming controllers available in the market. After launching the advanced gaming mouse in the market G9, Logitech introduced a refreshed form G9X which is not that different from the previous model at first glance. However, the main difference that makes it a bit better from the previous model is a new sensor with increased precision. Well, the increases precision in this model is up to 5000 DPI. For the passionate gamers, Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse is truly a remarkable mouse.

  • Logitech G9X Programmable Gaming Mouse:

It is needless to say that today’s games have taken the level of enjoyment to the greatest heights. Especially with the advent of MMO and RPG playing games is indeed a highly adrenaline-charged experience. If you don’t have the high-quality gaming accessories, the fun of playing games and competing with the gamer globally can turn into the echoing and mocking sound “you lost the game.”

An avid gamer understands the importance of high DPI, so the G9X programmable mouse is a perfect choice for him. Along with the high DPI 5700, it has:

  • Macro recording
  • DPI switching
  • Multiple profile setting
  • Interchangeable grips
  • Customization
  • Custom LED lights

G9X has more powerful software than the previous versions of Logitech. You can reassign thumb, DPI, and horizontal wheel buttons.


It offers the following features to the users:

  • Well placed buttons
  • Longer warranty
  • Extremely durable
  • Weight cartridge

With the extremely great features, it is the best Logitech Gaming Mouse for both hardcore gamers and animators. Reading the Logitech G9X Reviews make it easy to decide whether you should buy it or not.

  • Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse

The G9X laser mouse has something for the hardcore gamers and other users. Well, the customized design, adjustable weight, and adjustable DPI make it an awesome choice. Guess what the best part is? It is quick and responsive. To swap between the two interchangeable grips, it has a grip-release button. It has exceptional capabilities to make your gaming experience fantastic. In terms of performance and design, Logitech G9X proves a superlative mouse for the fervent gamers.

Offering precision at any hand pace (up to one hundred and fifty inches per second on most well-liked gaming-mouse-pad surfaces), the G9X gaming mouse extends the promise of the award-winning G9 laser gaming mouse with its next-gen laser sensor. With on-the-fly modifiable DPI from 200-5000 DPI, without pausing the action, the G9X gaming mouse makes it simple to go from pixel-precise aiming to high-speed maneuvers.


According to the Best Logitech G9X Reviews, it has the following features:

  • Onboard memory
  • Interchangeable weight
  • Tangle-free braided sleeve
  • Hit marks in terms of design and performance

The downside of the G9X laser mouse:

Well, everything has its own pros and cons so are the mouse. The downside of the G9X laser mouse is that it is a bit expensive and designed only for the right-hand users. Those with the left hand have to look for some other options to enjoy the gaming experience. Also, it has no wireless options. Furthermore, its maximum DPI is not as high as some other gaming mouse.

For those who are right-handed, it is a fine choice to step their game up as it is a quick responsive mouse. What are you waiting for? Get this to enjoy playing games and competing with other players.

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Gaming Mouse Reviews 2018

3) BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Gaming Mouse Designed For Your Comfort

The FK series is that has an arch towards the middle of the mouse. It is Zowie’s range of low profile mouse. Well, the FK series works for both the claw and palm grip users. But you may be wondering after unboxing is that it is just a simple mouse. Yeah! There will be just a sticker, two mouse pads and of course a mouse in the packaging. It comes with a total of seven buttons and has no form of lighting. This ambidextrous design is for both the left and right-hand users. To get the Best BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Reviews, you need to continue reading.

  • BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Optical Gaming Mouse

There is no doubt that the peripheral makers always want to stand out from the crowd. For this purpose, they add new features to their products to catch the customer’s eyes. Sometimes the peripheral makers just add new color schemes, adjustable weights, and lighting options, etc. But sometimes they add a new feature to the product that really makes the difference. The BenQ FK1 optical gaming mouse is designed for claw grip users. There are two thumb buttons on both sides that make it comfortable for left and right-hand users.

You will find no difficulty in switching between left to right-hand functionality.


BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Gaming Mouse has the following features:

  • Plug and play
  • Ambidextrous mouse for claw grip users (as explained above)
  • 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200 DPI adjustments
  • Perfect lift-off distance
  • Two thumb buttons on both sides
  • Easy to switch left and right-hand functionality

FK series comes in three different sizes and is designed for the comfort of its users.

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Reviews 2018

4) Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse provides Unparalleled Precision

There are a few minor tweaks with the G500, but there is a lot more to like about it. It has all the similar features people liked about the previous G5 laser mouse. It has dual mode scroll wheel, high sensor DPI maximum, and onboard memory. The only problem with G500 is the pricing as the Microsoft mouse offers different compelling features at the same price. However, there is a lot to like about G500 which we will be discussing now:

  • Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Guide

It is a peripheral that delivers the best in class experience. It is a mouse that simply provides the users what they need. The robust software, comfortable design, and customizable features make it a top pick among the mouse available out there. It resembles another recent mouse by Logitech G500 accommodates you according to your needs. You want lighter, or heavier feel this mouse will accommodate you.

It has 10 programmable buttons and textured pads for the thumb and outer most fingers. G500 provides a perfect shape for claw and palm grips. The Logitech G500 software is deep and customizable. The best thing about the software is that it has the ability to recognize the games you install on your PC. Also, it helps you in programming game-specific profiles.

Did you know that G500 Gaming Mouse sells itself as an all-purpose mouse or the FPS mouse?

Well, it works great in either case. The DPI adjustment buttons are more useful in G500 Gaming Mouse now, and you can pick a convenient DPI to play your favorite game. G500 has proved accurate and precise for all genes tested. To know more about the Logitech G500 mouse stay tuned and read the Best Logitech G500 Reviews.


Here are the interesting features of Logitech G500:

  • Extremely granular weight adjustment
  • Smart software
  • Software with many options
  • Smart button positioning
  • Linking game is simple
  • Comfortable design for users

Wait wait! It has a negative point as well. You may find the scrolling wheel a bit weak.

  • Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse:

The programmable Logitech G500 mouse gives you the precision at any speed. When you are playing your favorite game, and the playing session goes long, then you need a mouse that fits your hand comfortably. Well, Logitech G500 programmable mouse gives you the feel you want in your hands. For hyper-fast scrolling, it has a dual-mode scroll wheel. With 10 programmable buttons and onboard memory, it is a great pick. To give you the right level of precision for any game, it has on the fly adjustable DPI.


What features Logitech G500 offers? It will be interesting to know:

  • Weight tuning
  • Powerful onboard memory
  • Gaming-grade laser
  • Programmable buttons put macros in the user’s hands
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Precise click to click scrolling

It comes with user documentation and a three-year limited hardware warranty. So enjoy playing games with comfort and control programmable Logitech G500 provides.

Corsair Vengeance M95 Gaming Mouse Reviews

5) A Fairly Interesting Palm Grip Mouse Corsair M95 Palm Gaming Mouse

Corsair 95 is the mouse designed for the gamers who need all the buttons. Corsair M95 Gaming Mouse offers usual two buttons (left, right) that are easily reachable by our index finger. The aluminum frame offers a sleek look and strength. The upper surface of the mouse is comfortable and grippy. Now let’s have a look at the successor mouse of Corsair M95 so stay tuned for the Best Corsair M95 Reviews:

  • Corsair Vengeance M95:

Indeed, Corsair has hit on an extremely good thing with its vengeance M95. Well, there is nothing shocking about the design of the Vengeance M95 as it is a comfortable piece of hardware on all counts. This fantastic mouse has a low profile with a gentle curve for the palm. Also, it has a textured pad for the outermost fingers. The small space for the thumb to rest is not textured, so it is a bit uncomfortable. But it helps thumb say in its place. M95, unlike the M65, has fifteen programmable buttons which make this mouse an interesting pick for the avid gamers.


Well, Corsair M95 vengeance is too much of a good thing. Why? Because it offers the following features:

  • Plenty of programmable buttons
  • Smooth performance
  • Customizable software
  • Smart design
  • Sniper low DPI button
  • Avago 9800 laser sensor

Let’s see what’s next.

  • Best Corsair M95 Laser Gaming Mouse

Corsair gaming mouse designed for the complex demands of real-time strategy games. Its 8200 DPI laser sensor provides accurate control during the intense gaming sessions. It has a selectable response time in which you can choose between:

  • 125Hz
  • 250Hz
  • 500Hz
  • 1000Hz

Its aluminum unibody design is built for high rigidity, optimal mass distribution, and low weight. It offers easy programming and onboard storage.


It provides the following features:

  • A high mass scroll wheel
  • Soft touch and textured surfaces
  • PTFE glide pads
  • Multiple color options

The second generation control panel makes setup easier than ever.

  • The Best Corsair M95 MMO Laser Gaming Mouse:

To make your gaming experience better the Corsair M95 MMO laser mouse is available in the market. It is specially designed for performance gaming, so its reliable control makes the difference. Fifteen intelligently positioned buttons give you almost the effortless access. These buttons are arranged and tuned for intuitive operation. Well, there is no compromise on grip during the intense gaming sessions.


Corsair M95 RTS/MMO Laser Gaming Mouse has the following features:

  • Designed for MMO/RTS games
  • Profile stores directly on the mouse
  • Soft-touch and textured surface
  • 8200 DPI laser sensor
  • Aluminum unibody design

No matters what mouse you elect to choose just make sure that you discern why you are choosing it. Once you know why you actually need a gaming mouse, it becomes easy to pick one among various available options. With the long history of making great peripherals, the Corsair has earned a reputation for quality.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse Reviews

6) A Trusted Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech G903 Guide

A few years ago Logitech released G900 wireless gaming mouse which reigned as the undisputed king of a wireless gaming mouse. It earned nearly unanimous praise as the preeminent gaming mouse one can purchase. Now they are back with a nearly identical remake named with the Best Logitech G903 Gaming Mouse.

To many, this might be a premature sequel, but its ability to constantly draw power from Logitech power play mouse pad makes it a great choice. Logitech power play system is a pad that charges the mouse as you use it.

Design Of The Mouse:

The G900 had the gunmetal grey parts which have replaced now with a purely black color scheme. Your hands fall comfortably on the gentle curves of the G903. Also, its long body makes sit compatible for different hand sizes. Due to the no availability of soft touch the mouse does not slip out of your hands. Logitech G903 Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility now features a puck-shaped cavity.


Though it is a wireless gaming mouse, it feels seamless like a wired mouse. With a maximum sensitivity of 12000 DPI, its accuracy comes from the PMW3366 optical sensor. It is an expensive mouse, but if you are looking for the best wireless gaming mouse combo, then it is a great choice. Logitech Gaming Mouse is great in performance. You may be aware of the fact that Logitech has been the market leader in wireless technology, so they have built an excellent wireless mouse names G903 for the gaming freaks who want to enjoy their gaming sessions.

This mouse has two small buttons on the top of the mouse to increase or decrease the DPI settings. The scroll wheel has a pleasant rubbery knurled feel. Around the bottom there is a switch to turn the wireless receiver:

  • On
  • Off

It has a micro USB port for charging in the front. G903 is a lightweight wireless mouse. The G logo on the back and three small battery level lights can be set to any color you choose.

All the Logitech gaming devices are controlled through a single Logitech gaming software app. You are allowed to set up five DPI sensitivity levels from 200 to 12000. Well, I prefer two levels as I don’t need to use all the five levels.


Let’s take know the features of Logitech G903 with Wireless Charging mouse:

  • Customizable design
  • Advanced mechanical button tensioning
  • Power play wireless charging
  • Advanced PMW3366 sensor
  • Lightspeed wireless

CM Best Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Reviews 2019

7) Ultra Responsive Device CM Best Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Reviews

Not everybody holds a mouse the same way, so there are two common ways of holding mouse:

  • Resting the hand over the mouse and let the wrist and palm pressure control the peripheral
  • A claw grip with the fingertips responsible for the movement

For people who prefer the claw grip, Cooler master gaming mouse Storm Spawn is a model specifically designed for them? To enhance the gaming experience, it offers a world of features we will be discussing later in our CM Storm Spawn Mouse reviews.


Cooler master’s CM storm is developing a reputation in the built tech offices for its line of excellent devices. Well, we can’t ignore the inferno gaming mouse that is still one of the best mice. But the storm spawns shocked people by its flattened shape that is a radical departure from the style of the mouse they were used to seeing. It is a mouse designed for the gamers who employ claw grip as already explained above. It is a comfortable mouse for this type of grip. However, it is a bit uncomfortable for the palm grip users id used for longer periods.

It comes with the many features an avid gamer wants to see in a mouse. It offers the on fly sensitivity switching. On the other side, it misses the configuration ballast may be due to the space restrictions. Also, some people have found it imprecise at the time which is a great problem for those who are looking for a perfect gaming mouse. The reason could be the angle snapping technology.

On the positive side, spawn comes loaded with ultra-high performance 3500 dots per inches sensor that includes:

  • Ultra step wheel encoder
  • On the fly adjustment

Here comes another successor:

  • CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse with Optical Sensor:

Presented in an eye-catching crimson red high gloss finish, this mouse compliments a gamer’ gear by adding a magnificent peripheral. Here is the feature spawn gaming mouse offers to its users:

  • Anti-drift control sensor
  • DPI on the fly
  • Japanese made ultra-step wheel encoder
  • Superior anti-slip rubber grip design
  • 7 fully programmable buttons
  • Ultra swift feet
  • Right-hand ergonomics claw grip
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • Mouse settings storage

The spawn mouse is incredibly light and has very smooth feet as stated above in the features. But you may feel pain when your hand is on the mouse. On the right, below the scroll wheels, there are two thumb buttons. These buttons are easily reachable and distinguished. In short, storm spawn is a strong contender in the market, boasting impressive performance in a well-built package. Those gamer who rather choose claw grip should definitely consider this mouse. A competitive gamer will marvel at its lightweight ergonomic solid design. Made for precise in-game tactical maneuver it is an excellent mouse. The most excellent part is that it is sweat proof and highly slip resistant mouse. This mouse utilizes a high-performance optical engine and ensures tremendous stability.

Types Of Gaming Keyboards:

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of different gaming keyboards:

All-Purpose Keyboard: Every keyboard has to be all-purpose to some extent. But there are three general types’ keyboards that are worth exploring. The first type of keyboards is all-purpose that typically look unassuming. A standard keyboard with a few extra keys or fancy backlighting makes it a bit attractive. These keyboards are ideal for:

  • FPS
  • RTS
  • MOBA

All-purpose keyboards may or may not have the extra row of macro buttons.

MMO Gaming Keyboard: For the gaming freaks who just spend their entire time in playing games MMO ( Massively multiplayer online ) keyboard is the superlative choice. MMO keyboards have many extra macro keys. These keyboards are colossal and expensive too.

Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboards: The tenkeyless keyboards are inexpensive and light enough to transport. Some of the tenkeyless keyboards come with a carrying case as well. It makes a great pair with a gaming mouse that has many buttons.

Top 6 Gaming Keyboard of All Time

S/no Product Name Rating Price
1 SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyb0ard  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5) Buy Now
2 Corsair K70 Gaming Keyb0ard  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5) Buy Now
3 Logitech G510s Gaming Keyb0ard  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) Buy Now
4 Razer Battlefield 4 Gaming Keyb0ard  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) Buy Now
5 Corsair K95 Gaming Keyb0ard  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) Buy Now
6 Razer DeathStalker Chroma Gaming Keyboard  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Buy Now

SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2019

1) SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard The Fantastic Choice

While every PC game can work with a standard keyboard, you can enhance your gaming experience by using a keyboard specifically designed for gaming. The gaming keyboards increase your speed and reactions in first person shooters or real-time strategy games. The high-performance gaming keyboards are designed to output long sequence of actions with custom macros. Also, the high-performance gaming keyboards are responsive enough to maintain an edge in competitive play. Today in store we have a few gaming keyboards to discuss so let’s take a look at each of them.

  • SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard:

There are two forms of SteelSeries Merc, the Merc Stealth and the Merc itself. But today we will review the Merc Stealth. Merc Stealth centers on its unique point, gaming keys. It highlights the feature of the keyboard on the box to let the buyer know exactly what he is buying. Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard explains some of the keyboard features with a small image in the corner of the box. No matter you are using Merc Stealth for typing or gaming, its curves style lets your hand sit comfortably. But the problem is that you may need a wrist support cushion as there is nothing to rest your wrists on.

The gaming keys in this keyboard are tilted 11º and are left with the space to rest the wrists so, wrist strain problem may occur when you are using Merc Stealth for typing. The plastic texture of the keyboard does not feel flimsy. The rubberized gaming keys help to minimize the slipping of fingertips from the WASD keys. It is great for those with the hands that sweat during the intense gaming sessions. Now your hands will not be moving in a wrong direction while competing with the enemy in the games.

  • SteelSeries Merc Stealth reviews:

It requires a single USB port as a power supply, but you have to use the microphone and speaker ports too. The gold plated headphone and microphone jacks allow you to plug in these devices with utmost ease. The chunky cable is durable, so there is no need to worry about the wear and tear. The backlighting does not reach a painful brightness. It offers you four brightness settings. It is available in three color settings. The Merc Stealth is a wider keyboard than a standard keyboard. It means it requires more desk space. It enables you to program all the keys using the powerful SteelSeries Z engine software.

The gaming keys are situated on the left side. This keyboard is centered on the second set of WASD keys, so it provides easy access to the most common keys in PC gaming. To control volume and different media playing options, it has a number of media keys.

It is a well-built keyboard and a brilliant piece of tech for the gamers as it fits into their lives that use it.


Combined with macro buttons and profile it offers the following amazing features:

  • Separate gamepad area
  • Improved rubberized keystroke feedback
  • The software allows you to tweak key mapping
  • Three colors (blue, purple, and red) illumination options
  • Internal hub with two USB ports
  • Special gaming key area
  • Anti-ghosting capabilities
  • Predefined profile for more than one hundred and fifty games
  • Thirty-four gaming terrain keys.

Corsair K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

2) Corsair K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Unbeatable Speed

One of the popular keyboards currently available out there is Corsair K70 is. It is equipped with the mechanical switches that provide speedy typing and greater longevity. It is branded as a gaming keyboard, but there are no extra gaming keys are available. However, it comes with replaceable contoured WASD keys. It is available in:

  • A plain brushed aluminum finish
  • A black anodized version

Both the designs look great so what you will pick entirely depends on you. Corsair K70 RGB has no dedicated macro keys. Instead, it has a few media keys in the upper right corner. After removing the cover of the keyboard, you might think that technically K70 RGB rapid fire is same as the K70 RGB. K70 RGB mechanical keyboard is quick responsive and offers hundred percent anti-ghosting technology. It provides you an unmatched precision and speed, an avid gamer looks for. It allows you to experience dynamic, multi-color backlighting. Powerful corsair utility engine enables advanced macro programming for unlimited game customization.

The USB pass-through port is positioned for uninterrupted gameplay. Textured keycaps provide maximum grip while playing games. K70 does not have slightly sunken below keys.

A matching wrist rest included for more comfortability. To adjust the keyboard angles, it has the flip up legs on the underside.


It’s time to reveal the features of Corsair K70:

  • Corsair’s fastest keyboard ever
  • Advanced lighting control
  • Dedicated multimedia controls
  • Contoured FPS/MOBA key sets
  • 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} anti-ghosting
  • 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} cherry MX speed gaming key switches
  • Detachable soft-touch wrist rest
  • USB pass-through port for easy connection

It is keyboard built lightweight and durable for intense gaming sessions. Ask the importance of a Corsair gaming keyboard from those who invest all of their spare time competing with the foes. Not all the keyboards are created equal that is why all the corsair mechanical key switches feature premium high-performance key switches. This is an amazing keyboard that allows you to enjoy the fast gaming action without giving a chance to your fingers to miss the mark.

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2019

3) A Must Have Keyboard For Gamers The Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard

You are an avid gamer and looking for the speed, precision, comfort, and reliability in one peripheral G510 is the perfect device for you. The plastic body of this mouse is available in two colors:

  • Blue
  • Grey

Except for the direction keys, all the keys in this keyboard are black.

  • Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard with Game Panel LCD Screen:

In the upper right-hand side of the keyboard there are four small media keys, and between these media keys and number keys, there is a mute button along with a scroll wheel. It has eighteen programmable buttons on the left side of the keyboard. In the upper left corner of the keyboard there is:

  • M1 key
  • M2 key
  • M3 Key
  • MR Key
  • Disable microphone button
  • Disable the headphone button
  • Gaming switch

On the left side of the LCD there are two audio jacks and to control the function of LCD there are four buttons.

G510s is a keyboard specially designed to fulfill the requirements of heavy gamers who love to invest their idle time in gaming. One of the amazing features of this keyboard is that eighteen programmable keys put all the gaming control in your hands. The user can set a specific backlight color for a specific profile. The gaming switch allows you to enter the gaming mode disabling many windows buttons. It means that you can enjoy your gaming session without being worried about pressing the wrong button.

The 6 key anti-ghosting feature, allows you to press all the keys simultaneously with every key being registered perfectly. All the gamers try to establish that their keyboard is the best among all. You can prove your point by discussing the above-mentioned specifications of G510 gaming keyboard.

  • Best Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Reviews:

The gaming community has well received Logitech’s higher keyboards due to many reasons. Easily understandable software and programmable buttons make it a perfect gaming keyboard for you. The gamers will indeed appreciate the vast array of backlight color options of Logitech gaming keyboard. It makes it simple for the users to match every gaming peripheral.


Here are the amazing features offered by G510:

  • Game panel LCD screen
  • Custom color RGB
  • 5 mm audio ports
  • Multi-key inputs
  • Eighteen programmable G keys
  • Advanced surface materials
  • Integrated USB audio
  • Game mode switch
  • Dedicated media control
  • 2ms report rate

Being an avid gamer if you want to buy a keyboard that could help you in long gaming sessions then it is a perfect pick. It is a worthy contender for your hard earned dosh. The keyboard provides 16 million RGB color options which tell you what mode you are using even without looking at the keyboard. Using 3 modes per key the user can configure up to fifty-four unique functions. Also, you can plug in different audio devices on the keyboard. You can change into the preferred profile with the push of a button.

Razer Battlefield 4 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

4) Razer Battlefield 4 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer is the world’s leading peripheral maker and focuses on three fundamental aspects:

  • Ergonomics
  • Validation
  • Technology

For the past few years, the Razer is providing great additions to their gaming gear to enhance people’s gaming experience.

  • Razer Battlefield 4 BlackWidow Reviews:

There are six key aspects of Razer BlackWidow ultimate which are as follows:

  1. Fully programmable keys with five additional gaming keys
  2. Mechanical key nature of the board
  3. Individually backlit keys
  4. Easy access media keys
  5. 10 key rollover for anti-ghosting
  6. Audio/microphone + USB ports on sides


Razer Battlefield 4 BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features include:

  • Multimedia controls
  • USB pass-through
  • Raze synapse 2.0 enabled
  • Gaming mode options for the deactivation of windows keys
  • Five additional dedicated macro keys
  • Braided fiber cable
  • Programmable keys with on the fly macro recording
  • Gaming optimized keys matrix for minimized ghosting
  • Audio out/ Mic in Jacks
  • Unlimited customizable profiles

Advantages of Mechanical Gaming keyboards:

Usually, expensive keyboards use mechanical switches. For your information, there are many different kinds of mechanical switches available out there but most of the time a metal spring is used for the actuation mechanism. Here are a few advantages of mechanical keyboards, by looking at them things may become easier for you to decide:

  • Mechanical keyboards have a significantly longer lifespan.
  • Mechanical switches last long
  • The mechanical switches offer more tweaking options than a simple rubber dome
  • Mechanical keyboards are significantly heavier than scissor keyboards.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Gaming keyboards:

It is important to know the disadvantages of mechanical keyboards as well:

  • Mechanical keyboards are expensive
  • Transporting the mechanical keyboards is a bit less comfortable as they are a bit heavier.
  • Mechanical keyboards are a bit louder than other keyboards.

With the optimized actuation force of fifty gram, Razer Gaming Keyboard Battlefield 4allows you to actuate your commands faster than other standard gaming keyboards. The backlights of the battlefield 4 keyboard never let you miss a key in the dark. You can attack and flank your foes even if there is not enough light in the room. Full mechanical keys give you a new feel whenever you on your keyboard while playing games. You need an i9nternet connection for driver installation to make this keyboard work. In addition, you need 200MB hard disk space to make it work.

Razer Synapse is using software developed specifically for the Razer’s gaming devices. It automatically stores your gaming profile on a cloud server. The best part is that you can load it from anywhere at any time. It is a gaming keyboard that helps the gamers improve their skills. Its performance is amazing, features are incredible and the design is appealing so what are you waiting for? Buy this fantastic keyboard and take pleasure in your gaming experience. Never buy a product until you gather information about it or go through the reviews.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Gaming Keyboard Reviews

5) The Best Corsair K95 Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2019

It is mouse loaded with everything a hardcore gamer requires. A full array of customizable RGB lights and super responsive cherry MX Speed mechanical key switches make this keyboard an interesting pick. Though it is a right pick for those who love to spend their entire time playing games, it is an expensive keyboard. So in simple words, you can say that it is a keyboard for hardcore gamers with money to burn.

  • Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Gaming Keyboard:

It is a keyboard similar to the K70 RGB keyboard. The compact dimensions make it a perfect choice to use it both on the desk or your lap. To make it easy to tweak volumes it has media controls on the top left side of the keyboard. The USB pass through and detachable palm rest differentiates it from the rest. There is 19 zone light Edge on the keyboard top that makes it different from the Rapidfire. What is the lightEdge? It is a programmable RGB light strip on the keyboard top. The K95 software is powerful and provides several settings, but if you ask me, Corsair utility engine is not my favorite because it is not intuitive enough.


Let’s see what features Corsair K95 RGB platinum offers:

  • USB pass-through
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Six programmable macro keys
  • Media controls
  • Cherry MX speed mechanical key switches
  • Smooth responsive keys
  • Attractive brushed aluminum finish
  • Easy to use customization utility

Wow! It seems an amazing mouse for avid gamers. So buy it without further delay to get an enhanced gaming experience.

  • Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

It is a mouse that offers near limitless customization. K95 mechanical Corsair Gaming keyboard provides silky smooth response and you do not get hand strains even after playing games for long hours. It offers dozens of macro keys and multicolor backlighting which gives a better gaming experience. With eighteen G keys, K95 allows you to program up to 108 macros that ultimately increase your gaming speed. It offers 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} anti-ghosting with one hundred and twenty-two key rollovers. It does not matter what type of games you are playing the control panel software is incredibly easy. Play FPS, MOBA or Minecraft you will enjoy every stroke while using K95.


Let’s dove into the features of the K95 mechanical keyboard:

  • The entire keyboard is programmable (you can assign a macro to any key).
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum
  • The display controller is driven fast
  • Multicolor per key backlighting
  • Unlimited game customization
  • 18 G keys with up to 108 macros
  • 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} anti-ghosting
  • 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} cherry MX speed

Corsair K95 allows you to set any key to the color of your choice. Besides, you can customize duration, color palate, velocity, and direction. Multimedia controls allow you to start, pause, and skip music tracks at your will. The detachable soft-touch wrist is available to give your hand rest. If you are using this keyboard for typing, it looks great. So buy K95 Corsair mechanical keyboard and play your way.

Razer DeathStalker Chroma Gaming Keyboard Reviews

6) Fully Programmable Razer DeathStalker Chroma Gaming keyboard

We usually spend a lot of our time in front of computers as we have to perform many tasks. Every peripheral must be comfortable enough to be used for a longer time. But if you are a gamer, then you need the perfect gaming peripherals. What keyboard will be best for me to play MOBA, MMO or Minecraft? Well, we have discussed a few gaming keyboards to make things easier for you. Let’s talk about another great gaming keyboard Razer DeathStalker Chroma Multi-Color RGB:

It is a keyboard supported by the highly impressive Razer synapse 2.0 Software. Due to the Razer synapse 2.0, the user can control the illumination of the keyboard. It enables you to program macros and set gaming mode parameters. Also, it allows you to set up individual profiles and link these profiles to the specific titles.

Press F9 and the function button at once and record a macro. Make sure that you are hitting both buttons instantly otherwise the keyboard will recognize it as the intentional delay.

  • Razer DeathStalker Chroma Reviews:

The dimensions of the Razer Gaming keyboard make it easier for the user to use it. But the user may require more desk space than other keyboards. It offers three levels of green backlighting. Furthermore, a user can select between the steady or pulsing light options. The sleek design of this keyboard makes your gaming PC cooler. Don’t doubt the performance of the DeathStalker. You can press the keys with great ease, and its performance is impressive.


It has the following features:

  • Chroma backlighting with 16.8 million customizable color choices
  • Fully programmable keys
  • Fixed wrist rest
  • Inter-device sync
  • 1000MHz ultra polling
  • 10 key rollover in gaming mode
  • Sturdy build
  • Keys take a light touch
  • Attractive and sleek look
  • Anti-ghosting capabilities
  • Chiclet keycaps


An expensive horse cannot have a cheap saddle. Similarly, a modern gamer must be equipped with the modern gaming peripherals. Suppose you have a top gaming system and you connect a bad keyboard with it. How shameful will it be in front of your buddies? So do not put a shiny sword in a rusty scabbard and assemble the best gaming system.

How to assemble the best gaming system? Well, a few years ago it has simple meanings. Just buy a mouse and keyboard to attach it with Pentium 3. But now hundreds of models are being produced by different manufacturers. You have the option to choose from top backlit models to the minimalistic ones. You go to the market to buy a gaming mouse you become dazzled with the available options. You may be asking why it is essential to buy the gaming peripherals. Let me ask you a question. You have a modern gaming PC, and you are using an ordinary office mouse to play MMO ( Massively multiplayer online), MOBA or Minecraft. Will it give you that enjoyment and experience a gaming peripheral can? Of course not.

Once you use the gaming peripherals, you get addicted to them. Despite being so common, a keyboard is not the simplest thing. Most probably the common users do not know about the types of keyboards. Ask the avid gamers they will tell you that there is the membrane, mechanical and scissors.

Similarly, you should be aware of the types of a gaming mouse. Well, we have discussed above, what types of gaming mouse are available out there and which gaming mouse one should choose. Since the PC games rely on the mouse movement so a mouse must be as accurate as possible. Check before buying what extra buttons your mouse should have to provide an excellent gaming experience. Bookmark the page and stay tuned to get more info about the gaming peripherals.