Age of Empires IV 2019

Age Of Empires 4 2019 News & Rumors with Released Date

Age Of Empires 4 2019 News & Rumors with Released Date

Who is a real-time strategy games lover? Raise your hands! Yes, we all love to play RTS games. Have you ever played age of empires in which you have to create your own world? It is a series of historical RTS video games. Ensemble Studios originally developed age of empires. Microsoft Studios published it and was first released in the year 1997. It is a game that focuses on historical events and covers the events between the Stone Age and classical period. The best part is that the player has to start from the beginning to be an emperor.

Age of Empires IV 2019

Age of empires:

Within the gaming world, you will hardly find anyone who has not played or heard about the age of empires. It is a game in which the player has to choose a nation and then start building his own virtual world. The player is given with a few buildings and the labors and a few other resources (Gold, Wood, and Food) in the beginning. Using the laborers the player has to construct buildings. But he has to make sure that he has enough wood to build structures.

Food will be decreasing as the army and labor will be consuming it. There will be mines for gold, forests for wood and farms to meet the food needs. Remember that you need the laborer to utilize these resources. Also, you can develop the nation by meeting specific requirements in the game.

Build castles and towers to protect your land from that will keep attacking you. The army you made needs to be skilled, and there are various building that you need to create to get weapons for them. There are the allies in the game as well, and you can help them protect their land too.

Age Of Empires 4 Release date:

After more than 12 years age of empires is back. The Microsoft Studios announced that the series is back with its 4th sequel and is being developed by Relic Entertainment. Follows up to the original were released in 2005. There were the spin-offs of the game were also released during that period. But the fans were waiting for the age of empires 4 which is the latest installment to the historical age of empires series. It will be the first sequel of the game developed by Relic entertainment as Ensemble Studios made all other sequels.

As far as the release date of this fantastic sequel is concerned, they have not announced it yet. It came into the news in 2018, but it seems that the game is in early stages and we should not expect it to be released soon. But according to the reports the team of Relic Entertainment is working on the sequel, and we do hope that the fans will be able to see it.

Age of empire 4 The Trailer:

Age of empire 4 trailer was out in the year 2017 which shows that the game’s graphics are much better than the first sequel. The announcement of the trailer was on Relic’s website page so we can say that these are not the rumors and the developers are working on it.

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