BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Optical Gaming Mouse Reviews 2019

Best BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Optical Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

The ZOWIE FK series is out for quite some time now and is a staple in the CS: GO world. As the weapon of choice, the really big names are using it. And when it comes to mice, the ZOWIE is absolutely dominating the CS: GO world. So, what we are trying to discover with such Best BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Reviews is whether or not this is justified.

The FK series is a preferred choice among those individuals who like an ambidextrous mouse. So, here we will discuss a few features of the BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Optical Gaming Mouse which is the middle one of the series in regards to the size.

Ambidextrous Low Profile Design:

The FK gaming mice series is designed to provide you comfort. No matter if you are a left-handed person or right handed person this mouse will give you the best comfort while using. The low profile design of the mouse provides better control for both palm and claw grip users. And you know what the best part is? This gaming mice series comes in three different sizes.

ZOWIE FK Series Measurements

You can now choose that is perfect for you and wield the mouse firmly in grip on the theatre of war. FK1: large, FK2: medium and FK1+: extra large

Full Control Over Your Movements:

The BenQ ZOWIE FK1 is designed especially for the intense Gameplay. The Zowie FK permits the fingertips to cover and hold the mouse so you can operate smoothly and precisely.

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Optical Gaming Mouse Review 2019

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Features Included In The BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Optical Gaming Mouse:

The features mentioned below make the FK1 gaming mouse stand out:

  • Plug and play (no driver required); ideal lift-off distance
  • To serve right handed and left users comfortably it has two thumb buttons on both sides
  • Simple to switch between right and left-hand functionality
  • DPI adjustment: 400, 800, 1600, and 3200
  • Cable Length: 6.6 ft/2m
  • Adjustable USB report rate is about 125, 500, 1000 Hz

Key Specifications Of The BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Gaming Mouse:

The following are a few key specifications of the product:

  • Hand Orientation: Left and right
  • Weight: 3.10 oz / 88 g
  • Length: 5 inches / 12.8cm
  • Width: 2.3 inches / 6cm
  • Height: 1.4 inches / 3.7cm
  • Buttons: Huano Switches
  • Sensor: 3310 Optical
  • Connection: Wired

The Final Verdict:

The FK gaming mice series is still very popular among enthusiastic gamers. The BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Optical Gaming Mouse is the perfect mouse for all the serious gamers. The FK1 is large in size and no matter if you are left or right handed you can perfectly hold this gaming mouse and work great on the combat zone. It is also marketed as being a palm grip mice, and for claw, fingertips, and hybrid grips the FK1 gaming mouse fits like a glove. Left-handed gaming enthusiastic must look at this gaming mouse as it can perfectly fit your hand and provide you the best comfort during the harsh scenarios of gaming. And the shape of this gaming mouse also feels extremely satisfying to play with.

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