Best CM Storm Recon – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse white Reviews 2021

The CM Storm Recon gaming mice are designed especially for the gamers who demand the maximum in functionality, durability, and accuracy. The rubberized coating and ambidextrous form factor of the mouse make it more versatile for all kinds of grip gestures. The CM Storm Recon – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Left and Right Handed Users (White) is also featuring a pair of Omron micro key switches and AVAGO 3090 high exactitude optical sensor, permitting the gamers to switch option of 1600, 800, 4000, 3200 DPI on-the-fly as well as integrating thirty-six macros and five profiles to personalize the mice at your own preference.

Features Included In The CM Storm Recon Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse :

Best and advanced features are included in any device to make it greater so that it can be helpful to you to win any battle. Same case here! The CM Storm Recon also comes with different features that make it stand out:

  • Maximum Customization:

The CM Storm Recon provides you the maximum customization to make your gaming experience mere enjoyable. It comes with the mouse wheel; three individual multi-color LED zones, CM Storm Logo and DPI buttons. You can also simply disable or fine tune the color and brightness of each zone.

  • Precise Tracking:

Your very own CM Storm Recon can also track the movements using the bets optical sensitivity on the market thanks to the highest optical sensor. You can also fine-tune the sensitivity and can also define up to four DPI level for every profile.

  • On The Fly Tuning:

With the CM Storm Recon – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Left and Right Handed Users (White), you can now simply tune different things even without leaving your game. You can easily and rapidly switch between different LOD levels, USB polling speeds, and sensor DPI settings and still will not catch any bullet or get distracted.

  • Rubberized Grip:

A thin layer of rubber is coated on the mouse body. It is done to prevent your fingers slipping or sliding and to improve the grip over it. It also provides you the best and super smooth and comfy look and feels.

Best CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse Review:

Whatever thing you buy, it comes with different pros and cons. Here we are talking about the CM Storm Recon gaming mouse, so let’s discuss a few pros and cons it comes with:


Pros Cons
Solid build quality Does not feature braided cable
Precise and accurate traction control Not apposite for large hands
DPI adjustment No software, accessories, and user’s guide have to be downloaded through the website
Ambidextrous design, right for both right and left-handed people
Adjustable LED brightness level and color
Extra-fast mouse feet are highly sturdy
Downloadable program is easy to use
Easy to use
9 programmable buttons
Main right and left buttons feel so soft
Top body is super-grip rubberized

Specifications Of The CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse:

Following are the tech specs of the CM Storm Recon:

  • On-the-fly lift-off-distance adjustments
  • VAGO 3090 optical sensor with 4000 DPI
  • USB polling rate tunings
  • DPI adjustments
  • Best quality Japanese Omron micro switches
  • Tracking speed is up to 1.5m/s or 60”/s and twenty G of acceleration
  • A thousand Hz polling rate and 1ms response time
  • Extra wide sixteen bit USB data path
  • Ultrafast mouse feet
  • Super grip coated ambidextrous mouse body
  • Dimensions (in inches): 2.53 W x 1.65 D x 4.58 H
  • Flexible 1.8m long cord
  • To identify profiles, multicolor mouse wheel light

System Requirements For The CM Storm Recon With Multicolor LEDs:

Before using the CM Storm Recon, you need to accomplish eth following system requirements:

  • Mac operating system X (plug and play only)
  • Windows Vista, XP or 7
  • Net connection for firmware and driver updates

The CM Storm Recon – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Left and Right Handed Users (White) is a really good gaming mouse one can ever get. Starting from the look of the mouse to all the features and specifications this gaming mouse does not fail to impress a person in any aspect.

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