CORSAIR Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse reviews

Best CORSAIR Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

When every mouse is used to click and move the cursor then why one has to invest money in buying a gaming mouse? Well, the answer to this question is simply understood by the avid gamers who spend most of their time playing hardcore games. The people who take the gaming competition seriously always want to buy the peripherals that are ergonomic, comfortable, responsive and quick. So don’t expect from them that they would be using a standard mouse during intense gaming sessions.

A question that has been asked by many is what makes a gaming mouse better than a standard mouse. To answer the question here, we will discuss the Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse to give you an idea about the features a gaming mouse must have. So without wasting more time let’s get started:

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Corsair Dark Core Design And Comfort:

In the past wireless charging was added to a number of gaming peripherals. But it was a hurdle for the gamers as the potential connectivity issues, and limited battery life was something the gamers did not like.

As far as the Corsair is concerned, it seems that the company is always trying new things. The best part is that the company attempts to go out of the realm and tries to provide better than what customers want.

The fact is the gamers always look for the peripherals that could enhance their gaming experience. But buying a good gaming mouse can be difficult sometimes especially when you are not aware of what features do you want in your gaming mouse. So before starting your search make sure you determine what types of games you play.

The corsair dark wireless is a new addition to the Corsair’s family of peripherals. It is a high-end gaming mouse that seems to break the stigma of wireless gaming peripherals while remaining affordable. Well, the chassis of the mouse looks like a futuristic sports car.

The four independent RGB lighting zones, the rubberized grips, and sporting texture of the mouse make it a better choice for the professional gamers. Of course, no one wants to get diverted by the painful grip while enjoying the intense gaming session.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Button Layout:

In addition to the standard inputs CORSAIR Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse features six auxiliary buttons. Here are the buttons this fantastic mouse offers:

  • Two buttons are n the left edge of the left-hand button
  • Three buttons under the thumb rest
  • One button behind the scroll wheel

Corsair Dark Core Gaming Mouse Specifications:

It has the following specifications which will help you decide whether it is worth buying the Corsair dark core wireless mouse:

  • Sensor type: optical
  • Sensor: PMW3367
  • Battery life: up to 16 hours with standard lighting
  • Battery life: up to 24 hours without backlighting
  • Onboard profiles: 3
  • Battery type: rechargeable
  • Wired connectivity: USB 2.0 type A
  • Wireless connectivity: Ultrafast
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Software (CUE): supported

Cheap CORSAIR Dark Core With Optional Charging Pad:

The manufacturer’s claim that the battery of the mouse lasts up to 24 hours without lighting as we have already discussed in our today’s CORSAIR Dark Core Review. The users say that they got near seven hours of battery life while using it continuously. It is pretty obvious that the mouse battery will last if the mouse is in sleep mode or you have disabled the RGB lighting. You can charge the Charge RGB SE through conventional micro USB. The MM 1000 is not designed to flex. There is an indicator light that tells that the device is connected.

CORSAIR Dark Core RGB Wireless Mouse review 2018

Best CORSAIR Dark Core Review:

Now comes the most compelling part of the review where we will take a look at the pros and cons of the product:

Pros Cons
Solid form factor Too heavy for some users
Attractive design Awkward button layout
Rechargeable with any Qi charger Not moveable while Qi charging
Competitively priced Limited customizability
Responsive tracking DPI clutch placement
Solid construction


Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse does not have the flashiest RGB lighting in the market. However, it enables you to set different colors for each area of the mouse.

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