Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse reviews

Best Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse – Black Reviews 2021

The Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse – Black is a mouse for gamers who want as many buttons as possible on the mouse. Well, this mouse has then covered this area with twelve programmable buttons. But the Corsair Scimitar Pro is not a one ruse pony as the ergonomic shape, 16,000 DPI sensor, and 4-zone RGB lighting make an extremely tantalizing package.  There surely are some tweaks required to make it just the thing, but if you are after utmost functionality, then it is an excellent choice.

Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse review 2018

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Corsair Scimitar Pro Mouse Design And Build:

This product is seriously heavy mouse as it weighs about 147g. It is also bound to be contentious. It has a very ergonomic large design. But is can cup around your hand very nicely as it has a smooth arching shape. The Corsair Scimitar Pro has a very smooth plastic surface with a soft matte finish that feels and looks pricey. The Corsair logo is proudly standing on the front of this mouse in all its RGB glory. There is also has right/left clicks, 2 DPI buttons, and a scroll wheel. RGB lighting blurts out from underneath the rubberized wheel, but a DPI display light is gone. As each of the four RGB zones can be programmed to respond to profile changes, it is not a big problem.

The 12 small customizable buttons are located on the left side of the mouse with the whole bank mounted to a movable plate that you can adjust to suit your hand. The buttons located at the 2nd and 4th row are finished with a little coarse texture, and all buttons are labeled with their individual button number. Button number 5 has a tactile bump. All this makes it easy for you to assess on which button the thumb is resting. You can also find the 3rd RGB zone here, with a streak of color that is clearly noticeable even when you are using the mouse.

Rest of the sides of this mouse are more customary, with a big textured rubber coating which you can perceive on the right side of the mouse, and the last RGB zone is enlightening the back of the mouse. The USB cable of the mouse is not detachable and is braided. For smooth gliding, you can find 4 Teflon pads on the base of the mouse as well as the optical sensor. It is a place where modifiable weights would’ve been preferable, though if Corsair were not capable of making it any lighter, appending even extra weight would surely be adverse for most.

Software And RGB Lighting:

The Scimitar Pro is no exemption and the RGB lighting employed throughout Corsair’s peripheral line up. With a total of 4 zones which as positioned well, the Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse – Black looks awesome, with vivid and bright hues shining across the counter. You can also change the colors, and there are a lot of patterns to pick from. If you own any other Corsair RGB tangential, you can also sync them up with smart effects.

The Corsair CUE software is used to control all this. It is noticeably laid out, feature rich, and in the main stable. You can customize the DPI of this gaming mouse, standardize against the surface, and move the button mappings. Making macros is simple, and there is a lot of power here to set up a few winning combs. You can assign these to different profiles, and even stored on your mouse itself.

Corsair Scimitar Pro Optical Mouse Sensor Features:

Key features you can enjoy having this exceptional gaming mouse are as follows:

  • 16,000 DPI optical sensor
  • 12 programmable buttons
  • Onboard hardware profiles
  • 4-zone RGB lighting
  • Weight is approximately 147gCorsair Scimitar Pro Mouse reviews 2018

Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse – Black Guides:

The Corsair Scimitar Pro 16,000 DPI is the best gaming mouse one can have. But where it has many pros, it also has a few cons. Let’s glance at a few of the pros and cons of this gaming mouse.

Pros Cons
Accurate tracking Expensive
Ergonomic shape No detachable cable or weight adjustment
Programmable Possibly too large for a few people


It is a great mouse you can have for gaming. Its performance while playing games is excellent with smooth gliding and predictable tracking across games of all types. The Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse – Black is an extraordinary mouse that is just right when placed in the good hands.

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