CORSAIR STRAFE Blue Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Best CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue Switch Reviews 2021

After almost twenty years of pushing the boundaries of innovation, the Corsair Company has now taken the power of Cherry MX switches one level up. With the simple objective of providing pro-proven mechanical performance joined up with extreme customization choices, the Strafe will allow your skills to reach their utmost potential. The CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue Switch – RGB LED Backlit – Tactile and Clicky can help you to level up your game and stand out in a crowd like a pro.

CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Blue Gaming Keyboard Review 2018

Features Included In CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

The advanced features can make anything better. So is the case with this gaming keyboard. It comes with many exciting features that can level up your game. The features that are included in the corsair strafe gaming keyboard are as follows:

  • 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} Cherry MX Blue Switches:

The Cherry MX switches make use of the best mechanical key switches technology to make the gaming experience more amazing. The pros make use of such key switches, and these are made in Germany. Gold-plated contact closures, gold-crosspoint contacts, and pressure-resistant metal alloy springs provide each enthusiastic gamer a competitive benefit.

If you are one of those who likes and wants speed and comfort, then the Cherry MX Blue switches ate the best choice. You get sixty G of response with a light click, so you get both tactile and aural feedback. Trust us; the blues ones are for you if you want the utmost response on when you are striking the actuation point.

  • RGB Dynamic LED Backlighting:

The corsair strafe RGB gaming keyboard comes with a variety of backlighting colors that are all exceptional. You can choose whichever you like and want. The backlighting makes it easy to locate the right keys even in the dark environments. Not just that but you can also pick from six different and unique presets. Also, you can be able to craft one of your own. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Endless Programmability:

The keys to this gaming keyboard are also very easy to program according to your need. The CUE; corsair utility engine software helps you do all such stuff quickly and easily. You can be able to set up the extreme macros or reassign any key for the outrageous gaming control.

  • Get Connected:

In the CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue Switch – RGB LED Backlit – Tactile and Clicky, a USB pass-through port is also incorporated. This port enables you to connect any of your devices such as wireless headset adapter, USB drive or mouse without interrupting your game.

  • Comfort And Control:

To provide the best grip and feel, the keycaps of this gaming keyboard are contoured and textured. You can also choose between MOBA and FPS kits to personalize your experience.

  • Gaming Grade Circuitry:

The corsair strafe RGB gaming keyboard also provides 100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} anti-ghosting. It connotes that you are never gonna miss any move or shot. The anti-ghosting comes with key rollovers on USB which are up to 104. Also, the anti-ghosting makes sure that all the keys you press while playing register no matter how harsh the game setting gets.

  • Multimedia Controls:

Without stopping your video game, you can now be able to adjust the audio efficiently. You can also pause, play and skip to a different soundtrack even when you are not playing a game with these easy to access media controls.

CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Blue Keyboard Reviews 2018

CORSAIR STRAFE Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Blue Switch Compatibility:

Whenever you buy a new product always makes sure to check its compatibility first. So is the case with the corsair strafe gaming keyboard. You first need to fulfill all the system requirements that are mentioned below to start using it as your best gaming tool:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 completely installed
  • A system having two free USB 2.0 ports
  • An Internet connection that you will need to download the CUE; Corsair Utility Engine software

The things you will need to level up your game are MOBA and FPS keycap sets, removal tools that can help remove the keycaps, a removable wrist rest, and a USB pass-through, so you do not require messing your playroom with an extender. And trust us all these things are coming with your very own CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue Switch – RGB LED Backlit – Tactile and Clicky. And with all such things, you will not just play well but will also go zero to amazing in a few minutes.

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