Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Reviews 2019

Best Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

Best Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Reviews 2019

When it comes to gaming, the least details can also make a difference between losing and winning. The Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse offers unparalleled control, precision, and comfort to its users. It provides a gaming-level laser that permits for smooth precision at any hand pace. It also has onboard storage that allows you to take the settings anywhere you go.

Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Review 2019

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Features Of Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse:

The following are a few of the key features of the product:

  • Smooth Precision:

This mouse has a gaming grade laser which provides a game-changing precision. It makes it your weapon of choice for FPS and MMORPG gamers.

  • Onboard Storage:

The powerful onboard memory allows you to save and take your profile settings with you anywhere. And to dos o you don’t need any added software to install.

  • Weight Adjustment Provides You Options:

Whether you like it light or heavy, weight adjustment provides you up to twenty-seven grams of additional weight for personalized control and feel. Just as you like it.

  • Dual Mode Scroll Wheel:

This unique feature offers precise click-to-click scrolling. And all the gamers like to have it on their side. Or when the enemy is coming, to fly through web pages, you can switch to frictionless hyper-fast scrolling.

  • On-The-Fly Adjustment DPI:

This feature provides you with the right level of precision for any kind of gaming scenario. It also provides you up to 5700 DPI for whatever game you are gonna play.

  • Programmable Buttons:

It also has ten programmable buttons. These buttons give you helpful macros at your disposal. And for that, you need to download the Logitech SetPoint program/software.

  • Durability:

The G500 gaming mouse also provides you durability. The buttons on this gaming mouse can withstand up to eight million clicks. This gaming mouse is also tested on different popular gaming mouse pad surfaces to make sure it performs best and is durable. It is also tested on the wood-veneer desktop.

Best Logitech G500 Reviews:

Just like every other product, gaming mice also have a few pros and cons. And for Logitech G500, the pros and cons are mentioned as follows:

Pros Cons
The smart software has a lot of options Weak scrolling wheel
For long gaming sessions, the design of the mouse is comfortable Placement of DPI buttons may be a little annoying for a few
Linking games is intuitive and easy
Highly granular weight adjustment

System Requirements For The Logitech G500:

  • USB port
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 7
  • Internet Connection for downloading the software

The Bottom Line:

After going through different Logitech G500 Reviews, one thing is for sure that the Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse is the best product you can ever get to make your gaming experience even better. This gaming mouse has all the necessary features which not just make it stand out but also work together to provide you the best performance you need. So without worry, you can trust the G500 gaming mouse.

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