Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review 2019

Best Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2019

Every gaming enthusiast wants and needs some device that can not just make gaming a little easier but is also very comfortable. A mechanical gaming keyboard can fulfill all the requirements of the enthusiastic gamers. The Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Featuring Game Panel LCD Screen is a must have for every gaming enthusiast. If you are searching for a keyboard that provides precision, speed, comfort, and reliability, then the G510s is the best choice for you.

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2019

Features Included In The Logitech G510s with Game Panel LCD Screen:

  • Game-Panel LCD:

You can extend the cockpit to comprise less critical mission and can never lose the game with this feature. Not just can you stay knowledgeable with real-time game statistics, VoIP communication data, and system information, but you can add or develop community-developed applets to work with the monitor.

  • Custom Backlighting:

With the help of this feature, you can find keys in any room. Select a color out of sixteen million. You can also assign a unique color to every profile, mode style and profile mode in the game. You can tell without glancing down which mode you are in to guarantee the setup is right.

  • Programmable Keys:

The Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard includes eighteen programmable keys that can make complex actions easy by permitting you to configure up to fifty-four unique functions across three diverse modes with three macros per key. With these keys, instant access to various customizable functions is only a click away. You can program keys to interact with the keyboard to adjust the dpi levels on-the-fly and immediately switch from super-fast pace to pixel-perfect accuracy.

  • Advanced Surface Materials:

Utilizing infrared technology, the interaction between keyboard and hand is studied, and then appended advanced surface materials to tactical zones for improved comfort and durability. A hydrophobic coating assists to keep hands from sticking to the wrist rest. To provide extra long durability, the double UV coating is done. Also, to maintain a fresh look, the fingerprint-resistant coating is done.

  • Integrated USB Audio:

You can plug in the headset quickly and play right away with simple-to-locate ports designed to keep your head in your game. You can also separately control headset mics and game audio output.

  • Game Mode Switch:

You are about to make a record of a high number of headshots when an accidental keystroke takes you on an unwanted, unplanned trip to the desktop. Do not allow this type of mistake to spoil your game or your streak. You can simply disable the Windows button with one key so the game won’t be disturbed.

  • 6-Key Anti-Ghosting:

During the intense battle, there’re times when you might have to simultaneously strafe, run, open a door and choose a weapon. Multi-key input on the Logitech G510s denotes complex actions are performed exactly right each time. Press up to 6 keys at once; every keystroke will be registered perfectly. And the anti-ghosting means you never have to see a command you did not aim for.

  • 2 Millisecond report Rate:

When milliseconds could mean death or life, the Logitech G510s Keyboard Featuring Game Panel LCD Screen is 4x faster than other standard keyboards at a 500Hz report rate, providing you the performance you want.

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