CM Storm QuickFire TK gaming keyboard Reviews

CM Storm QuickFire TK – Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2021

You are a gamer who loves to spend many hours in front of the computer screen playing your favorite games. Being a passionate gamer, you understand the importance of the gaming peripherals. It is quite clear that buying a mechanical keyboard means how far you are from winning or losing the game. The best gaming peripherals enhance your gaming experience and provide better control. You cannot enjoy playing games with a standard keyboard that is made for the typing purposes.  It is interesting to know here that the new QuickFire Rapid keyboard was welcomed by the enthusiastic gamers worldwide. The reason was it actually made the difference. CM Storm QuickFire TK – Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available for the gamers in the market.

CM Storm QuickFire TK gaming keyboard review 2018

CM Storm QuickFire TK Gaming  Keyboard Features:

What makes a gaming keyboard different from the standard keyboard? Well, of course, the features of a gaming peripheral allow the gamer to enjoy his gaming sessions. You cannot be comfortable while playing hardcore games with a standard keyboard.

Now it is the high time to see what features CM Storm QuickFire TK offers to the gamers:

  • High-quality mechanical key switches:

A gamer must be happy to know that the genuine Cherry MX key switches provide satisfying feedback. It does not create that much noise and provides superior durability.

  • Full backlighting:

CM Storm QuickFire has the Backlit LED’s layout with three different lighting modes. It has five levels of brightness that makes you able to create the just right illumination.  The full backlighting feature of this fantastic keyboard allows you to create perfect visibility in the environments where there is not enough light. Now if someone is bothering you about the lights in the room just turn it off as you can easily use CM Storm QuickFire even in the low lighting environment as well.

  • Multimedia Structure:

The music keeps your excitement high while playing some adventures games. But it might be difficult to control music when your whole attention is on the game. SO CM Storm keyboard allows you to take total control of video playback and music with seven easy access buttons. Also, you can disable Windows keys for uninterrupted gaming using a windows lock function.

  • Integrated Numpad block:

Do you want to get a compact keyboard with added functionality? The QuickFire TK is the right choice for you. Its unique Numpad block design merges with both the navigation and command keys.

  • Ergonomic form factor:

The gamers who favor ergonomics and portability the CM storm keyboard have a tenkeyless form.

  • Easy cable management:

There are the cable routing grooves and the detachable braided USB cable at the underside of CM QuickFire TK keyboard. These features provide the better flexibility and easy cable management.

  • N-key rollover over USB:

Due to N-key rollover over USB allows the wildest key combos register perfectly.

CM Storm QuickFire TK keyboard reviews 2018

CM Storm QuickFire TK Gaming Keyboard Specifications:

  • Key rollover- NKRO
  • Key Switches- Cherry MX red
  • Polling rate- 1000Hz
  • Keycap puller- ring puller

CM Storm QuickFire TK Gaming Keyboard Review:

What type of keyboard should a gamer have? Well, the answer to this question has become a little difficult as there are various products available out there. There are the number of options to choose from, and a beginner who has no experience or information may end up buying a peripheral that is not according to the types of games he plays. So let’s discuss the pros and cons of CM Storm QuickFire to make the buying decision easier:

Pros Cons
Mechanical MX switches The keys may start typing next to the keys after continuous use
unlimited simultaneous keystrokes
7 easy-access multimedia shortcut keys
Windows keys can be disabled for uninterrupted gaming
Compact and ergonomic layout
Fully backlit with blue LEDs


CM Storm keyboard is solidly built keyboard that fits the needs of the gamers. If you are seeing for a gaming keyboard that is not only of the moderate price but could enhance the gaming experience as well then CM Storm QuickFire TK – Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a good investment. There are many features a gamer wants in his gaming peripherals so make sure that the device you are buying meets your needs.  You must understand what type of games do you play and what kind of keyboard will be suitable for you.

The only problem with this keyboard is the Toggling numbers pad layout that is quite irritating especially when you are busy in the intense gaming sessions.

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