Corsair K95 Cherry MX Red Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical RGB LED Gaming Keyboard Reviews 2021

A good gaming keyboard is very important for competitive gaming and winning in the end. But which one to pick as there are a lot of different keyboards available. Well, don’t worry then! The Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical RGB LED Gaming Keyboard is here to resolve everything. This gaming keyboard has different effective features to increase in gaming fun. It has 18 G-keys and hundred percent Cherry MX RGB key switches. You can also choose any color of your choice for the keys. Such keys with different colors are greatly helpful when you are playing games in a dark room. In addition, these keyboards are created with sturdy material and are lightweight.

Corsair K95 Cherry MX Red Gaming Keyboard Review 2018

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The Corsair K95 Cherry MX Red Gaming Keyboard Features:

  • Multi-Color Backlighting:

You can now assign each key a unique backlighting color of your choice. It provides you the chances for key binding that one have never perceived ever in a mechanical keyboard.

  • Hundred Percent Cherry MX Red Key Switches:

These switches provide you the linear, smooth key response with a broad actuation zone. To execute the double and triple taps perfectly, you need responsiveness, and they provide exactly the same. You will not even hear any clicking sound or feel any tactile bump.

  • Aircraft-Level Aluminum Finish:

For a gaming keyboard, you will get a lightweight; impressive looks and rugged robustness that is gonna witness a lot of action.

  • For Faster Gaming, 18 G-keys With 108 Macros:

During the intense action, you can now have access to frequently utilized macros, key combinations and presets. You can now set 3 banks of about thirty-six functions each. Macros can be generated on the fly, activated and customized with a single keystroke.

  • Anti-Ghosting On USB With 122 Key Rollover:

Each keystroke interprets into precise Gameplay, even when you press multiple keys. No matter how fast you play, you will not notice any signal degradation, and it keeps up with you.

  • Detachable Wrist Rest:

The Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical RGB LED Gaming Keyboard also comes with the soft touch wrist rest which is also easily detachable if it gets in your way.

  • Allocate Macros To Any Key:

You can also assign macros to any key if the eighteen G-keys are not enough. It is made easy with the all-new control panel software. K95 RGB covers all; MOBA, FPS or even Minecraft.

  • Fast And Fluid RGB Animation:

In a waving, pulsing and cascading array, for a wonderful multicolor light show, the k95 RGB utilizes a Panasonic, display controller.

  • Onboard Memory:

You can now be able to store your gaming on this keyboard’s memory and take it with you anywhere you go.

  • Easy Access Multimedia Controls:

While playing a game, you can now also play videos and music as well. Stop, play, pause, adjust volume and skip tricks straight from the k95 RGB.

  • CUE Software:

You can now assign a unique backlighting color to all the keys and strengthen for virtually unlimited customization with the k95 RGB. The multicolor key bindings can put you in control of the game when the action is quick and furious, and every microsecond counts. The powerful and intuitive CUE; Corsair Utility Engine software makes it simple to set up lighting effects and sophisticated animated macros for a visually astonishing experience.

Static Lighting: You can change the brightness setting and color of eth keys according to your preference. For your favorite games, you can also save, create and load custom patterns.

Color Cycling: You can also cycle through different colors with your choice of color palettes and speed. You can set either only some keys or the whole keyboard to scroll.

Ripples And Waves: Customize the direction, color palette, velocity, and duration, and have the wave flow over some keys or across the whole keyboard.

Reactive Typing: You can also create a multi-key ripple effect or set up a single-key reactive typing. You can select single-layer illumination, where keys illuminate as you type, or multi-layer, and have the keys alter color.

Corsair K95 Cherry MX Red Keyboard Reviews 2018

Technical Specifications For The Corsair Gaming K95 RGB:

In order to use the Corsair K95 Mechanical RGB LED Gaming Keyboard you need the following technical specifications:

  • 32-bit Processor
  • Display controller
  • Up to a thousand Hz USB report rate; selectable 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms, and BIOS mode
  • Hundred percentage Cherry MX mechanical key-switches

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