Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse Reviews 2019

Best Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse Reviews 2019

Are you a serious gamer? Are you looking for a gaming mouse that can make your gaming experience even better? If yes, then you have come to the right place! The Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse is an enthusiast-level laser gaming mouse with FPS optimized design, premium responsiveness, and superior control. There is no doubt that you are gonna love and enjoy gaming for hours. It has all the features that make it stand out and provide you the level of completeness you want while gaming.

This gaming mouse is also very durable and withstands multiple clicks during harsh gaming sessions for years to come. The Best Corsair M65 Reviews help you make your decision easier. Now let’s get onto the features of the mouse!

Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse Review 2019

Features Included In The Corsair M65 Laser Gaming Mouse:

Features that are included in the Corsair M65 to make it stand out are as follows:

  • 8200-DPI Laser Sensor:

For providing you with highly accurate control, it has a precise tracking.

  • Programmable Sniper Button:

When you want extreme accuracy in FPS gaming, you can quickly switch sensor resolution. It is not only for when you have chosen long-range artillery – it is an indispensable feature any time you want to switch to ultra-precise control rapidly.

  • Second-Gen Control Panel:

To make the setup and customization simpler, the Windows application is included.

  • Onboard Profile Storage:

You can now easily toggle between different profiles directly using the M65. But to do so, you first need to set up different parameters and button configuration for all your favorite games. You can now take the profiles with you everywhere as this mouse has onboard profile storage.

  • Aluminum Uni-Body Design:

For high rigidity, low weight and optimal mass distribution, this single piece frame is aluminum.

  • Adjustable Weight System:

You can also adjust the weight of the M65 to have the exact feel you want. You can do this with the adjustable tuning zones.

  • Selectable Response Time:

You can also tune the performance of the desktop surface by selecting between 500Hz, 100Hz, 125Hz or 250Hz, (2ms, 1ms, 8ms or 4ms).

  • High Mass Scroll Wheel:

The rubberized, sold metal wheel does not the only fee awesome, but it also provides you the precision you want while choosing the weapons. Accuracy and precise tactile feedback assists to ensure that you always choose the right weapon.

  • Switches Rated For Twenty Million Clicks:

You need durability for a long time of high-performance gaming, and this mouse provides you that.

  • Soft-Touch Materials:

To give you the right amount of outstanding comfort, the surface of the mouse is textured.

  • PTFE Glide Pads:

This mouse is designed with low-friction contact points for precise and swift movement with least effort.

The Bottom Line:

There is no doubt that the Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse is a precision tool for gaming enthusiastic. When you are playing games for hours, you need accuracy, precise tracking and comfort and the Corsair Vengeance M65 provides you all of that. With M65, you can now enjoy gaming for hours.

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