Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky gaming mouse reviews

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 2021

Why is it necessary to have a gaming keyboard for the enthusiastic gamers?  Does the gaming keyboard make a difference? Well, every PC game works with a standard keyboard. But you can better enjoy your gaming experience by using a keyboard designed particularly for gaming. You may have seen that when you play the real strategy games or first-person shooters using a standard keyboard, you do not win. The gaming keyboards are designed to increase your speed and reaction.  High-performance gaming keyboards are responsive enough sustain an edge in competitive play. So the enthusiastic gamers should buy a gaming keyboard such as Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky Mechanical Keyboard.

It is quite hard to stand out in the crowded gaming keyboard market. Das keyboard line is making a difference by focusing on extremely functional keyboards that have excellent switches and other features such as scroll wheel and USB pass-through etc. Metadot’s Das’s keyboard line has earned a place in the passionate gamers and typist’s hearts.

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky gaming mouse review 2018

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Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Blank Keys:

Every keyboard has keys to function. But the exciting thing about Das keyboard is that the ABS keycaps are blank. Yes, you hear it right! There is nothing written on them that gives it a monolithic uniform look. Now you may be thinking what is the purpose of not writing anything on a keyboard and how one can even type using 4 Ultimate keyboards. Well, from a user’s perspective there is no real advantage of these blank keys. However, it looks aesthetically beautiful. Also, it is beneficial for those who want to learn to type and do not want to look down while typing. The blank keys are what make the Das keyboard 4 ultimate different from other keyboards available out there. However, it is also available with the printed keycaps.

One thing that is necessary to state here is that it is not a keyboard designed mainly for the gaming purposes. However, the gamers can also use it as switches are sufficiently versatile.

Cheap Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Keyboard Features:

One of the most exciting features of Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky Mechanical Keyboard is the addition of two 5 GB/s USB 3.0 pass through. The USB cable is long that is actually a plus point. Though it is not braided, takes up only one port that is highly appreciated. It also has a removable magnetic footbar in the place of elevated feel. Now it depends on you to like this feature or not. Some gamers say that this feature worth nothing and they would have preferred more traditional adjustable feet. There are no macro keys and no RGB lights. It clearly indicated that it is not the keyboard designed for the gamers. It is apparently targeting the offices and typing crowd. However, it has a large scroll wheel near three media buttons. It is better than the small scroll wheel people usually see on standard keyboards. You can use media buttons to pause, mute and switch tracks. Also, you can put your computer on sleep mode these media keys.

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky mouse reviews 2018

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Review:

The passionate gamers always want the best gaming peripherals. But Das keyboard 4 ultimate as already discussed above is not, particularly for gaming. But still, the gamers can have a good gaming experience using it. Let’s talk about the plus and negative points of this keyboard with blank keys:

Pros Cons
USB 3.0 pass through No backlights
Outstanding volume knob No macros
Bad ass look Footbar could be more better
Footbar as a ruler pricey


Bottom Line:

Now let’s talk about the buying decision. Should a gamer buy Das keyboard or not? Well, it is a perfect keyboard for those who are looking for a straightforward keyboard and are not focusing on the particular features. The scroll wheel is a thoughtful inclusion both aesthetically and functionally. The USB 3.0 is absolutely a great feature added to the Das 4 ultimate keyboard. The blank keys make it a bit different from other keyboards, but you can buy a Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky Mechanical Keyboard with printed keys too. It is indeed not a keyboard for everyone.

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