Fortnite season 8 2019

How To Make Fortnite Run Better?

The Fortnite game can be considered as the sequel to the globally popular gears of war series. The game gives the feel of free battle royals.  When you start playing the Fortnite, you are thrown onto an island. The last person living on the Island will be the winner. In order to win the game, the player should know how to shoot, when to shoot and what to build. This popular game is completely free to play, and the best part is the story mode has also become free to play in 2018.

Releasing date of Fortnite season 8:

When is it going to be released? Is Fortnite and bannerlord release date the same? It is indeed a piece of excellent news for the Fortnite fans that the season 8 battles pass is out. The season 8 battle pass is bringing over 100 exclusive rewards that the battle Royale players have to unlock. Due to the reason that Epic Games team has taken a break this winter, so they have extended the season 7 by two weeks. It means that Fortnite season 7 is going to end on the 28th of February. So, you can say that the Fortnite season 8 will be released in February 2019. There will be more challenges, new map locations and new skin in season 8.

Fortnite season 8 2019

Increase performance:

First person shooter games are always fun to play. Fortnite is quite a popular game and was a hot topic since its release. The seven seasons are already out, and now the Epic Games team is planning to launch the 8th season in 2019. It is a well-optimized game, but still, many players want to know how to make Fortnite run better. Here are a few points in this regard:

Optimize the game settings for PC:

Follow the steps given below to optimize the game settings:

  • Launch the game”Fortnite.”
  • Click on “Battle Royale”
  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Set window mode to “Full-screen.”
  • Then set the frame rate to “Unlimited.”
  • Keep 3D Resolution “100{51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43}.”
  • Set view distance to “Epic.”
  • Set shadows to’ Off.”
  • Then set anti-aliasing to “Off.”
  • Keep the textures “medium” (adjust accordingly to your liking)
  • Keep effects to “Low.”
  • Set post-processing to “Low.”
  • Keep vsync “Off.”
  • Set motion blurs to “Off.”
  • Then save the “settings.”
  • Exit “Fortnite”

If you want to enjoy playing Fortnite, then you have to optimize your PC a little bit. Be certain that you have the latest GPU drivers. Also, update your window to the latest version. If you are playing the game on a laptop, set the battery mode to “high-performance.” If you are not using Onedrive, then disable it. You also need to disable the windows update delivery optimization.

Optimize Google Chrome:

Turn off the hardware acceleration in Chrome so that the background applications do not consume too many resources. Open Google chrome then go to the settings. Click on the “advanced tab” that you will find after scrolling all the way down. The check that “use the hardware acceleration tool when needed” is turned off. Then close chrome after relaunching it. Optimize Discard to boost FPS.

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