Last of us 2 2019

Last Of Us 2 2019 PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4

Last Of Us 2 2019 PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4 News & Rumors with Released Date

The Last of Us was a masterwork from nearly every perspective: its masterful execution of the believable characters, gripping storyline, balanced survival elements, engaging Gameplay, and of course, its capability to get the most out of the dated PlayStation 3 hardware in the year 2013. Much like its predecessor, The Last of Us Part II will be releasing in the twilight days of the current-gen PlayStation.

The Last of Us Part 2 Trailers:

At the press conference at E3 2018, Sony provided us with another look at the much-awaited The Last of Us Part II. These all new trailers direct from a long cinematic into a furtiveness Gameplay section. From the appearances of things, TLoU2 will be each bit as harrowing as its preceding trailers have proposed. Moving into the fight, Ellie’s arrow and bow rapidly made an appearance before she was forced into a mainly atrocious piece of melee fight. It seems like the game will change pretty frequently between stealth and action, as you desperately try and even the chances against your more well-resourced foes.

The Last Of Us 2 Release Date:

There‘s no official last of us 2 release date yet, but most rumors have it coming towards the end of this year or the beginning of 2020. The makers claimed that the game was over fifty percent {51ce86699dd7abe562a97dc16df98c284554a210b24be28709a5dee713355f43} finished back in December 2017, and they have treated us to numerous Gameplay videos and trailers since, but there’re rumors that it might be late even further.  One plot theory goes as far as speaking that the launch will be delayed to coincide with the launch of the PS5. If that establishes to be right, fans will almost certainly need to wait until 2020.

Last of us 2 2019

Which Characters Of The Game Will Be Playable?

The players of the Last of Us Part I got the opportunity to play this game through the eyes of both Ellie and Joel at times during the campaign. While the makers have established that Joel will still be the main character in the second part, they have also clued that Ellie will be the sole character that can be played.

Of course, we ought to take news like so with a touch of salt. The makers have been keeping their cards near to their chest when it comes to the narrative of The Last of Us II, so they may be keeping some surprises under wraps until the done article finally comes out.

Will The Last Of Us II come Out On Xbox, PC, Or Other Platforms?

If you desire to play this upcoming game, you will require a PlayStation console. It appears extremely unlikely that Sony will let it to be launched on any other platform, particularly contemplating the fact that Part I is a lot of individuals’ go-to game when they clarify how PlayStation has been triumphing the exclusive titles battle in recent years. We anticipate that The Last of Us II will be launched for both PS4 and PS5 whether you’ll need to wait a bit longer to get the hands on the PS5 copy that is still to be seen.

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