Logitech MX 518 Gaming Mouse Reviews

Logitech MX 518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse Reviews 2021

Why to buy the Logitech MX 518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse? A gamer who has a regular computer peripheral cannot enjoy the gaming experience. In hardcore games the player has to make quick actions and responses otherwise, the enemy will defeat him. But a regular mouse is not that responsive, and as a result, you lose the game. Ask the importance of winning from an avid gamer who devotes his entire time in playing the popular games such as Warcraft and counterstrike etc. The gamers need the gaming mouse that provides precision and comfort. You cannot enjoy the extended gaming sessions if you do not have a comfortable grip on the mouse.

Logitech MX 518 gaming mouse is designed with you in mind. It has two unique buttons below and above the scroll wheel. These buttons one below the scroll wheel and one above the scroll wheel allow you to change the sensitivity on the mouse on-the-fly when you are playing. With the included software you can customize the settings. The interesting part of Logitech MX 518 is that it provides you the fine control over the cursor especially when you have to make looser or quicker movements.  Logitech MX is 1600 dpi optical mouse and the dedicated buttons for increasing and decreasing the sensitivity help the users a lot.

Logitech MX 518 Gaming Mouse Review 2018

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Logitech MX 518 Optical Gaming Mouse Features:

You desire to play the games at the top level then you require a mouse that could give you the edge. Logitech MX 518 offers you the:

  • Superior grasp
  • 1600 dpi resolution
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Advanced software

It provides the users an edge with the ultra-high resolution. Also, it provides mirror smooth tracking and the lightning fast response with plays a significant role in winning a game. Switch from the pixel price targeting to the fast jerk acceleration. During the intense gaming sessions, its contoured grip provides the peak comfort and the performance as well.

The features of this spectacular mouse include:

  • Precise tracking
  • Super sleek gaming feet
  • Expanded 16-bit data format
  • 8-megapixel image processing
  • Contoured grip
  • The award-winning Logitech MX optical engine
  • Up to fifteen G of acceleration
  • Advanced gaming software
  • Up to five custom sensitivity setting
  • Eight programmable buttons
  • One scrolling wheel
  • Durable build
  • Sculpted convenient grip
  • Extra smooth pockets

Its successor had a few flaws, but the company has tried to fix these issues in Logitech MX 518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse. It will probably be an understatement to say that it performs well. In fact, one can say that the MX518 is an extremely high performance peripheral that gives the users the best gaming experience. You can adjust the scanning activity directly during the game. Guess what? You do not need driver installation for this purpose. During the long gaming sessions, the mouse may become hot, but the sculpted grip of MX518 prevents you from dropping the mouse.

Logitech MX 518 Mouse Reviews 2018

Logitech MX 518’s System Requirements:

Here are a few system requirements for the Logitech MX518:

  • Cd-ROM drive
  • Free USB port
  • Windows XP

From a gaming point of view, 1600 dpi sensor will be a real draw for the one who wants to improve his frag account.


When it comes to buying a gaming mouse the gamer always look for the perfect piece that could provide comfort in the long gaming sessions and let him make quick actions as well. Whenever you go to buy a gaming mouse first of all check what mouse grip do you use? People usually use:

  • Palm Grip
  • Claw grip
  • Fingertip grip

After determining the style, you use you should determine your play style. Remember that the different types of games have different types of mousing requirements. For example, MMO and RTS games require more buttons on the mouse, and FPS games require accurate tracking. The way you move your mouse determines the features such as:

  • DPI
  • LOD
  • Type of sensor you opt for

All the specification aside, one of the important features of the mouse is how it feels in your hands. Your palm or wrist may feel exhausted during the long gaming sessions when the mouse you are using is not comfortable. So keeping all things in mind, Logitech MX 518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse is a perfect choice for the gamers. Though it lacks the wireless capability and the gamers better understand how convenient a wireless mouse can be. Still, it is a fairly priced mouse for the right-hand gamers.

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