Razer Diamondback RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse reviews

Razer Diamondback RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

Everyone enjoys playing hardcore games. But it is quite irritating when you are about to win the game and end up being detrimental just because your mouse was not responsive. You need to take quick actions while playing strategy or hardcore games but a standard mouse fails to help you out. This is the reason avid gamers always look for the best gaming mouse so that they could enhance their gaming experience. But with numerous options available in the market it has become quite difficult to decide which gaming mouse is perfect to be included in your gaming gear. Today we will discuss a few things about the Razer Diamondback RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse that will definitely help you make a right decision.

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The Razer has revived its beloved diamondback mouse after a long break. It was the year 2004 when a thin and long peripheral with a outstanding visual design won the hearts and made its way in the gaming peripheral industry. Since the year 2007 diamondback was missing from the market and came back in the business in 2015.

Time to rejoice! Ahan

The Razer Diamondback is in the market with new design, powerful software, and colorful backlighting. It is an ambidextrous gaming mouse with fully programmable buttons. However, the ambidextrous design makes it too narrow to support the hand full and is not the most comfortable.

Razer Diamondback RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse review 2018

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Razer Diamondback ambidextrous mouse Features:

The Razer Diamondback is the part of company’s Chroma line. It means that the mouse has 16.8 million colors for backlighting. The user has access to the Razer Synapse software that controls the light as well as every modern Razer product from mice to headsets.

The lighting of the mouse is an interesting feature as you can link the Diamondback with various games using Razer Synapse software. After doing this, each game will have its own:

  • Unique color
  • DPI sensitivity
  • Button profile

The Razer Synapse software is an intuitive and comprehensive tool for the Razer accessories. The software has made the following things quite simple:

  • Linking games
  • Creating new profiles
  • Reprogramming buttons
  • Choosing sensitivity settings
  • Making macros
  • Tune the mouse to a new surface
  • adjusting backlighting

It does not matter you are left-handed or right-handed the mouse will stay comfortable in your hand during the most auctioned packed gaming sessions.

Razer Diamondback ambidextrous Design:

The weight of the diamondback mouse is 3.1 ounces. It means it is lighter than the Razer Mamba. The body of the mouse does not curve fully into the palm and does not offer support on the sides. The body of Razer Diamondback RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is made of plastic and has a rubber grip on side. The Razer logo and scroll wheel glow with the customizable effects.

Razer Diamondback Chroma Performance:

As far as the performance of a mouse is concerned, you should understand that not every mouse is for every game. Some mice work well with some genres and some not. It does not mean that a mouse not working well in a particular genre is not a good quality mouse. It is just that it is designed for some other genres. The Razer Diamondback performs well in strategy game the” whisper of oblivion and the first person shooter Titanfall.”  In the strategy game the whisper of oblivion you have to frequently look at the map to keep an eye on the foes army, and for this, you need the mouse that is responsive. Diamondback proved to be one of the best gaming mice that are responsive enough to let you win the game.

Best Razer Diamondback Reviews:

Pros Cons
Ambidextrous Design can be uncomfortable
Customizable with 16.8 million colorful lights Not suitable for all game genres
Faithful  revival of beloved mouse Expensive
Razer synapse software is easy to use Slightly too narrow
Plenty of programmable buttons


Razer Diamondback RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is a solid, high-end gaming mouse. The ambidextrous design of the mouse is useful for some gamers but can be difficult to use for the right-handed users. Well, you can buy it if you like but Razer Diamondback RGB would have been a great mouse if the design was more comfortable to be used.

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