Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse reviews

Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

When it comes to playing computer games, you need gear that could last through all the styles of gameplay. Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse delivers the ultimate in performance, customization for gamers, and ergonomics. You are in the middle of a game, having a less-than-responsive and uncomfortable gaming mouse can end up being disadvantageous. With the amount of time the gamers spend using a mouse, it is highly essential to have a solid gaming mouse. Razer Naga is a mouse specially designed for MMO players who require multiple buttons to play their games. Razer Naga gaming mouse is perfect for the games such as:

  • Guild wars 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Firefall

The games mentioned above require a lot of buttons. Sometimes you run out of space on the keyboard, so it is better to have the needed buttons on your mouse. Razer Naga black mouse indeed makes late night raids and the guild battles even more enjoyable.

Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse review 2018

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Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Features:

The Razer Naga mouse is designed to assist avid gamers in reaching the top of their capabilities. Here are the popular features that make the Razer Naga an excellent choice for the gamers:

  • 4 G Laser Sensor:

To bring precision and ultra-responsiveness to the game the Razor gaming mouse must have a cutting-edge mouse sensor. Razer Naga mouse has 4G laser Sensor system that matches the mouse movement to the exact pixel. Also, it offers the additional customizable feature in Razer Synapse.

  • In-Game MMO Configuration:

The Razer Naga has the most intuitive mouse configurator you need for MMO gaming.  You can customize each button of this mouse to your personal skills. The exciting thing about Razer Naga is that the thumb grid will be visible with icons so that you could know exactly what button to hit.

  • Synapse 2.0:

Synapse 2.0 is packed advanced as well as basic customizable features. It makes the Razer Naga work exactly the way an avid gamer wants it to. Synapse 2.0 expands the number of storable files. Also, it expands the number of configuration to the infinite and allows for more complex macros.

  • Tilt click scroll wheel:

The Razer Naga has the tiltclick scroll wheel that goes left and right, up and down. Well, the other mice may not offer you the tilt-click scroll wheel to navigate an extended forum for the best MMO starts.

  • Hyperesponse buttons:

The thumb grid buttons of Razer Naga mouse are outfitted mechanically. These buttons offer a quicker rate of actuation. Raze Naga mouse buttons are designed to be hair-trigger sensitive. As soon as you think, your fingers already mouse click it.

  • Precision:

To ensure your hands fit snugly for the maximum comfort, the Razer Naga gaming mouse features all new one size fits all ergonomic. The size of the Razer Naga mouse is perfect for every hand shape. If you are a new gamer the lightweight mouse lets you have a superb gaming experience.

  • Arm 32-bit processor:

A little computer onboard is computing everything at an incredible rate.

Razer Naga black gaming mouse Aesthetics:

The visuals of the Razer Naga mouse are incredible. With glowing LED on all buttons and the scroll wheel make this mouse a cool piece of hardware. The glowing green light is awesome, and the best part is it can be configured with Razer Synapse software to a color of your choice.

 Naga Ergonomic MMO comfort:

There is no point in buying a gaming mouse that is not comfortable. Razer Naga is a very ergonomic mouse and fits perfectly in hand. It is a comfortable mouse to be used while playing games in which you need to make quick actions.

Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse DPI is 8200 and has a very responsive feel.


Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Mouse reviews 2018

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Review:

Now we will be discussing the pros and cons of Razer Naga Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse that will help you make a right decision:

Pros Cons
Wider than the previous incarnation Nineteen buttons
Tilting scrolling wheel Resting thumb on numpad might be uncomfortable
More comfortable design
8200 Dpi 4G laser sensor

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