ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Gaming Mouse reviews

ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

From the beginning, the computers have games the users could play. Due to the technological advancement, the PC based games have become more sophisticated. ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Max Customization Gaming Mouse is the need of the time for the avid gamers. The standard mouse is designed to be functional and effective for home and office work. With a regular computer mouse, you will be able to play the game, but you might not play it in the way it was meant to be played. To get more out of the gaming experience, it is better to have a gaming mouse that gives you a winning chance.

ROCCAT KONE XTD is a perfectly fine product for the avid gamers. Demanding a high price for a product is all right as long as you are keen to pull out all the stops for it. ROCCAT KONE XTD just does that. Though there are many mice now available in the market that have outclassed it still you will find in the top of the all-purpose gaming mice list. It has an attractive design, sophisticated software, and of course the fantastic lighting that makes it a great choice for the gamers. In order to create unbiased ROCCAT KONE XTD Reviews, we have to take a look at the performance, features and the design of the product. So let’s get started now:

ROCCAT KONE XTD Gaming Mouse Reviews:

Roccat Kone XTD is an update of Roccat Kone +. The difference between two is incremental. It is a comfortable gaming mouse loaded with functionality. Though the Roccat Kone + and XTD both are fraternal twins, if you are using Roccat Kone XTD then you should stick to it. It is a perfect mouse with the best features a gamer look for. With 6400 dpi sensors, it guarantees a supreme gaming dominance. It features an adjustable distance control unit as well for lift control.

ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Gaming Mouse Design:

Roccat Kone XTD is optimized for either the claw grip or palm grip. To make it one of the comfortable mice they have added a deep groove for the thumb. The great news is that if you have large hands, it could become one of your favorite gaming mice.  The frame of the mouse is covered with a soft touch matte finish. The matte finish not only prevents smudges but also provides a good grip. Also, it sports 12 buttons, and they are not equally easy to use.

The clickable scroll wheel provides admirable resistance while as the right and left buttons are easy to press. Above the scroll wheel, there is a shortcut to the windows key. Well, not every button is perfect, and you may find it a little awkward to move your finger while using the DPI sensitivity button beneath the scroll wheel.

ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Mouse reviews 2018

ROCCAT KONE Gaming Mouse Features:

Downloading, installing and using the Kone XTD software is easy and simple. There are the tabs in the software that enable you to control everything from Dpi to sensitivity. Another interesting feature of the ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Max Customization Gaming Mouse software is that you can set up different files and link them with games. Set up five different profiles and link each of them to three different programs. Another startling feature of the mouse is that you can link each profile with a different color scheme. The only problem with this feature is that you will have to hit the windows button before the windows profile appears while returning to the desktop. Also, you have the option to customize the colors for all four areas. But you may not find the colors you were expecting because there are not many colors to choose from.

Technical Specifications of  ROCCAT KONE Mouse:

  • 0 angle snapping
  • 1-5mm lift-off distance
  • 30G acceleration
  • 1000HZ polling rate
  • 16-bit data channel
  • Tracking and distance control unit
  • 8m braided USB cable
  • 1ms response time

Bottom Line:

Arguably Kone XTD was the best all-purpose gaming mouse in the market. However, with the arrival of other excellent Gaming mice like Deathadder and Proteus Core, it is not at the top.  It is a good mouse all around, but still, there are a few issues in it. If you are looking for an all-purpose gaming mouse, then it can be a good option. But if you want to something better than ROCCAT KONE XTD Optical Max Customization Gaming Mouse then look for other gaming mice.

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