Logitech G400s Optical gaming mouse reviews

The Best Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

What features the best gaming mice must have? What makes a good gaming mouse? How to buy a good gaming mouse? These are the points that arise in a gamers’ mind when he decided to purchase a gaming mouse. Cheap gaming mice cannot give you peak gameplay performance. Even a gaming mouse you are thinking to buy may not be the right pick for you.  All computer mice allow you to scroll and click, but there are a few factors that make a mouse better the other. The gamer requires Comfortability, responsiveness, and customizability which is not possible when they use a standard mouse for gaming purposes.

Not every time you need a gaming mouse to play games on your PC. But there are the hardcore games that can only be enjoyed when you have the right kind of gaming mouse. Though the standard mouse is different from the gaming mouse, it does not mean that every gaming mouse has dozens of extra buttons.

Today let’s talk about the Logitech G400s  Optical Gaming Mouse in detail to know what features and design it has and how it can enhance your gaming experience.

Logitech G400s Optical gaming mouse review 2018

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Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse Intro:

Can you win a gunfight using a knife? Of course not, so how can you expect to win first-person shooters with a standard mouse. Logitech G400 offering 4000 dpi sensors is a decent option for the passionate gamers who do not want to invest too much in buying a gaming mouse. The Logitech G400 has a reasonable capacity for customization as well. It is not the best mouse available in the market as there are many better options as well. But like we said it is a decent option for the fervent gamers.

Logitech G400s Gaming Mouse Design:

As far as the design of Logitech G400s is concerned, it is definitely not the one that turns heads. However, the chassis is constructed out of plastic.  It has a feel that pleases a lot of people while using it. The Logitech G400s has a long body with an even slop making it a comfortable mouse for both palm grip and claw grip players. Indentation’s texture (for both thumbs) is not that pleasing to touch however it keeps your digits rooted. The Logitech G400s has eight buttons including:

  • Right button
  • Left button
  • Clickable scroll wheel
  • Two thumb buttons (forward & back)
  • Dpi adjusting buttons

Logitech G400s Gaming Mouse Features:

It is a mouse that offers everything a gamer requires. To program the buttons and settings, the Logitech G400s uses its excellent software. The other Logitech mice provide internal storage, but Logitech G400s does not. However, the profiles themselves are easy to install. The software scans the computer and assigns profiles for the games you have installed in your PC. It is an optical mouse and has a range of 200 to 4000 dpi. Well, it is less than the other Logitech mice available on the market. Logitech G400s mouse does not have illumination, adjustable weights, and customizable physical features.


Logitech G400s gaming mouse reviews 2018

Best Logitech G400s Gaming Mouse Review:

There are always the two sides of a product the good and bad. It is essential to look at both sides before deciding to buy a particular product. So here are the good and bad points of Logitech G400s 910-003589 Optical Gaming Mouse to make the decision easy for you:

The Good:

  • The optical sensor works fine on many surfaces
  • Comfortable design
  • Robust gaming software
  • The sculpted grip fits in hand nicely
  • Resistant to sweat buildup
  • Resistant to smudging

The Bad:

  • Nonadjustable weight
  • Non-braided cable
  • No wireless option
  • Relatively few programmable buttons
  • No on-device profile
  • For right-hand use only
  • The software is not Mac compatible

Best Cheap Logitech G400s Price:

Quibbles aside, Logitech G400s is a comfortable mouse that suits most hand sizes and grip styles. It has minimal customization options. It is a decent option for the enthusiastic gamers and is available at $67.95. Logitech G400s 910-003589 Optical Gaming mouse will enhance your gaming experience and your hand will not get tired during extended gaming sessions.

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