The Rumors About Bloodborne 2 Release Date ( Updated 2019 )

The Rumors About Bloodborne 2 Release Date

FromSoftware developed a role-playing action game Bloodborne, and Sony Entertainment published it. It was released in March 2015 worldwide. The gameplay is focused on weapon based exploration and combat. The players in the game can control a customizable protagonist as it is played from a 3rd person perspective.

Bloodborne was massive hit not only for the developers but also for the PlayStation 5 for whom it was an exclusive title. Given the continuous calls from fans after the success of the game, will Bloodborne 2 likely be announced?

Bloodborne 2:

A gothic horror soul game Bloodborne is one of the finest games ever made. After the success of the game, fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Bloodborne 2 is a bit more than the dream of a hardcore gamer. There are the rumors that the second sequel of Bloodborne is coming very soon, but the officials have not confirmed it yet.

The producers Masaaki Yamagiwa and Teruyuki Toriyama confirmed that they are working on an existing IP. There is no official news about the story of the game, settings or gameplay. Well, if the rumors are believed to be true, then we can say that the company will not swerve too far from the original combat dynamics and brutal exploration.

Teaser Trailer:

When the teaser of “shadows die twice” was released many people believed that it is a teasing sequel to Bloodborne. It happened due to the reason that the overall aesthetic of the trailer was similar to that of the Bloodborne original teaser. Also, the theme of birth, death, and rebirth are central to the story of the Bloodborne, so fans believed for a while that the second sequel is going to be released.

Release Date: When will people be able to play it?

The original Bloodborne game was released in 2015 so releasing the 2nd sequel in a year or two will strike a right balance. The fans are requesting for the next sequel so, it will be great to release it so that they don’t lose interest. But it is hard to determine a release date of the next sequel of the game Bloodborne because the officials have not announced anything yet and we don’t even know if it is happening or not.

One of the producers of the game told the Spanish language website that they love Bloodborne, but he is not in a position to talk about the possible release of its second sequel.

Blood borne 2 Final verdicts:

blood brone 2 2019

The popularity of the game and the desire for the sequel among fans is indeed a good indicator that there will be the next part in the series. But news about its release this year is not real. These are the only speculations because the officials have not announced anything about it yet. So, no one can say something certain about Bloodborne 2 will be released. The developers say that they prefer developing new IPs instead of working on sequels. So, if they made a final decision of not to make the second part of the game, then the fans will have to accept it.

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